The LB Holiday Giveaway Spectacular!!

It’s a motherfucking Holiday Giveaway, Lagging Balls Style! That’s right bitches, in case you haven’t already heard: we’re having a gorramed MS Paint Contest!

How to Enter:

  • Draw us your crudest, most ridiculous, most hilarious “dick pics.” Note that the words “dick pics” are in quotation marks, so make of that what you will! 
  • All entries must be created in MS Paint only
  • Submit entries via Twitter or Email:
  • Deadline: Monday, January 4, 2015 at 12 pm Central Time

If Thyst could enter to win, you would all lose.

$100 in prizing including:

  • 1 Month of Game Time (2)
  • 1 of each of the following pets:
    • Argi
    • Moonkin Hatchling
    • Alterac Brewpup
    • Cinderkitten
  • 1 each of the following mounts:
    • Swift Windsteed
    • Enchanted Fey Dragon
  • 1 Hearthstone League of Explorers
    • Including all four wings of the latest adventure!

Winning entries will be chosen 100% subjectively by Thorn & Thyst and will be chosen on a variety of basis points including:

  • effort (or lack thereof)
  • crudeness
  • creativity
  • pure awesomeness

Entries will be shared on all of our show’s social media channels and winners will be emailed codes, announced on next week’s show, and sent out on Tues 01\05!

There’s no sponsor for this, so we’re putting our own cash into these prizes. SO MAKE THOSE ENTRIES FUCKING GOOD betches!


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