Thyst’s Bio


Obligatory Cleavage Shot

Well, well, well, you’ve decided to check up on ‘ol Thysty, eh? Probably a bad idea honestly, but now that you’re here you may as well know the truth.

Let’s do this in the third person so I don’t sound so full of myself, shall we?

That’s better.

Okay, Thyst is a Canadian Archmage who plays a lot of bass and listens to a lot of music. She’s a College graduate majoring in Theater (shocker) and she’s had a long and illustrious career of odd jobs including Comic Book Store Clerk, Makeup Artist, Musician, Model, Writer, Voice Actress and Tim Hortons employee.

Currently working as a Music Journalist and Content Creator (and Podcaster, obviously).


Natural Habitat

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada and now “extended-ly visiting” America (totes legal), Thyst is the most patriotic Canadian outside of her country.

She is the mother of one dog, two cats, and an emotionally dependent child in a Pug’s body.

Her long-term goals include moving to California, getting a Rickenbacker bass, getting Prestige Nine, fronting a Fantasy Metal band, being the world’s best Podcaster and working for (and/or worshiping professionally) Blizzard Entertainment.


Thyst’s Best Moment in Life

Thyst’s main is a Blood Elf Fire Mage on Boulderfist US.

She is second in command of the guild Blood of the Scribe.

She has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla (had to get that in here).

Horde for life.


Thyst Boulderfist – US

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