Lagging Balls Episode 189: Doin’ It Live, Part Trayah!

LB Ep 189 artwork

Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 189, hosted by Thorn and Thyst: “Doin’ It Live, Part Trayah!” That’s “three” in Sanskrit!

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Thyst on CTR #364 –

Warcraft News
MDI East Summer Cup #3
Eastern Summer Cup #3
<Blood of the Scribe> Raid Team Progression
Fun Times in WoW Classic

Pikaboo & Jellybeans from The Move Casting AWC Summer Finals
Blizzard Book Sale –
Return of Recruit A Friend –

WoW Classic Guilds: United Guild
PvE — PAGLE (Eastern)
PvP — WHITEMANE (Pacific)
/who search for “united” and ask for invitation in-game

Overwatch League
Vancouver Titans & San Francisco Shock Advance to OW League Finals

Current Question of the Week: How has Classic WoW impacted your life?

New Question of the Week: If you could pick one (and ONLY one) thing from World of Warcraft to bring into Classic WoW, what would it be?

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RIP Eddie Money –
Listen to this:
Tyler, The Creator – Running Out of Time –

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