Lagging Balls Episode 176: 40% Less Toxic!


Episode 176 art

Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 176, hosted by Thorn and Thyst: “40% Less Toxic!” This week Thyst we’re less toxic than normal! By at least 40 percent!

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Lagging Balls Updates
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World of Warcraft
WoW Character Customization
Darkmoon Faire update this week –
Warcraft & Warcraft II Now avail on GOG.COM –
Viewer’s Guide: Mythic Dungeon International –
Asia-Pacific Enters the Arena World Champtionships –

Overwatch Community 40 Percent Less Toxic, Says Blizzard –

Overwatch League
OWL Stage 2 Begins!

Rise of the Shadows is Coming!

Question of the Week: If you could be known for your own catchphrase, what would it be and why?

New Question of the Week: If you could wield a customized weapon in WoW, what would it be? What would it look like? What does it do?

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Listen to this: The Legend of Lofi – DJ Cutman

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