Lagging Balls Episode 154: Phellayshia!



Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 154, hosted by Thorn and Thyst: “Duckblizz Platypus!” This week we have a g-darned golly good time! Apologies for missing a week with you, friends ❤

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This week we cover:
Gearing Up
Fashion (Thorn’s lack of)
Fire, Frost, and Frustration
Raiding the IRL Boss

LB Announcements
Thyst & Thorn on Convert to Raid Battlenet News Ep 96 –
LB Stream 45: “Thorn Just Dinged” (thanks guys! <3) –
LB Stream 46: “Disney Inappropriateness” –
LB reached affiliate on Twitch! Thank you all!

A Very Special Giveaway: 1 Year of World of Warcraft Game Time!
Rules are simple:
1. Email us why you need the year of WoW game time
2. Thyst and I will select the winner from entries
Note: entries will NOT be read on the show. The generous soul who donated this year of game time asked that it be given to someone who truly needs it so this is a private decision based on our best assessment of need only.

Blizzard News
Netflix & Blizzard Rumor: A ‘Diablo’ Series –

World of Warcraft
Class Tuning & Updates Coming September 11th –
WoW Arena World Cup Fall Matches Start Sept 14th and 15th
PAX Storytime Session with Ion Hazzikostas ❤ –

Overwatch World Cup Scores & Updates –
Eight New Teams Are Coming To The Overwatch League –

September 2018 Ranked Play Season –

Heroes of the Storm
In Development: Mephisto, Hanamura, & More –
Hanamura Temple Battleground Update –

Question of the Week: If you were a questgiver, what would your quest or quest objective be? (submitted by Feck-Silvermoon)

Next Question of the Week: If you were a raid boss what would be your special mechanic?

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