Lagging Balls Episode 132 – And Google Home Too!


Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 132, hosted by Thyst and Thorn: “And Google Home Too!” This week we T H I C C.

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This week we cover:
VRchat Adventures
Thyst on CtR’s New BattleNet ESports –
Thorn’s a Moira Main
DH vs. DK
Google Home Jokes

World of Warcraft
Patch 7.3.5 –
WoW ESports 2018 Plans Revealed –
Call of the Scarab Mini-Holiday

New Map: Blizzard World Release This Week
New Skins, Sprays, Highlight Intros, Drop in Cosmetic Pack –
Overwatch 13th Among Searched Terms on Pornhub – Not Linking This One, Folks

Overwatch League
Thyst’s Week 1 Overview –
Thyst’s Week 2 Preview –
Thyst’s Article About Diversity in Overwatch League –
OWL Viewership Press Release –
Official OWL App, Android –
Official OWL App, Apple –
Official Player Jerseys –

HCT World Championship –
Hearthstone 2018 ESports –

Heroes of the Storm

Diablo III
PTR Server Slam – We Need Your Help –

Last Question of the Week:
If you could create an Overwatch League team, where would they be from, what would be their name, and what colours would they wear?

Next Question of the Week:
If you were an Overwatch hero what abilities would you have?

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