Lagging Balls Episode 126: Stuck in the Middle with Gooch!



Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 126, hosted by Thyst and Thorn: “Stuck in the Middle with Gooch!” This week we return you to your regularly scheduled filth and low-brow humor. Welcome back!

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This week we cover:
Thyst on the Rolling Restart This Week –
Thyst on CTR Last Week –
Thorn’s Latest Bad Idea: the “Eating Stream” –
LB Stream Episode 13: Rule 34 –
Thorn’s Destiny 2 Warlock Stormcaller
“Prestige 7 and Bingo”
Patreon Patron Meetup at “Virtual Dunkin Donuts”

World of Warcraft
Happy 13th Birthday, World of Warcraft!
Shadows of Argus Art Contest Winners –
Looking Back on Tomb of Sargeras Raiding

Blizzard World or “Blizz Pls Make This Real”
Dinoflask: Jeff Kaplan: One-Trick Parade –

Hearthside Chat w/Dave Kosak: Dungeon Runs –
Kobolds & Catacombs Community Card Reveals: Week 2 –
Multizord’s Dirty-Double-Down Innuendo Match –

Heroes of the Storm
Introducing: Performance-Based Matchmaking –

Previous New Question of the Week:
How are you getting ready for the next expansion?

New Question of the Week:
Which Blizzard game (or Destiny) have you been enjoying the most lately?

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