Lagging Balls Episode 116: BlizzBra!

Lagging Balls Podcast Episode 116 original art by Thyst

Lagging Balls Episode 116: BlizzBra!


A community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 116 of the Lagging Balls podcast hosted by Thorn and Thyst this week: “BlizzBra!” This week we get hype AF over a recent real estate acquisition!

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“Apologies for my mic this week guys – had a setting wrong that made me kind of quiet. Will fix for next episode!” –Thorn

This week we cover:

The REAL Reason for Thorn’s Tardiness
Mei is Still BAE
Thyst on Goblin Goldcast Episode 55 –

Thyst on CtR: Battlenet News Ep 51 –



Blizzard Purchases A Burbank Studio… –
…For a New ESports Arena!

World of Warcraft

How to Get the Lucid Nightmare Mount
Mac’aree Impressions
New PvP Brawl: Shadow-Pan Showdown
Shadows of Argus, Week 2


New Digital Comic: “Wasted Land” –
The Making of “Rise and Shine” –


Upcoming Balance Changes –

Heroes of the Storm

The Saga of 2 Chainz, Part III –
The Saga of 2 Chainz, Part IV –
The Saga of 2 Chainz, Part V –
2 Chainz Enters The Nexus!

Current Question of the Week:
Which Blizzard Character would you love to cosplay as? What would be your personal touch?

Next Question of the Week:
What do you look for in a streamer?

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