“Totally Real” Upcoming Micro Holidays


  • Actual Micro Holiday – Where everyone is micro-sized.
  • Everything Day – All the holidays at once.
  • Noob Switcheroo Day – Everyone not in an instance will become level 1 for a day.
  • Blizzard’s Day Off – Blizz Employees complain about us and we try to fix things.
  • The Floor is Lava Day – Priests are constantly casting Levitate on everyone.
  • RP Walking Day – Only RP walking all day. Try not to rage quit.
  • Random Port Day – Any port can take you anywhere but most likely Ancient Dalaran where you’ll fall to your death probably.
  • Knock off Hot Wheels Day – Micro Machines cross over promo?
  • All NPCs are Harpies Day – They don’t look like them but they sound like them.
  • No Little Bitches Day – All realms are PVP realms for a day. Suck it.
  • Pet Battle Day – You actually battle your own pets as they sink their teeth into your flesh and you wriggle around trying to free yourself from their murderous grasp.
  • Silly Hat Day – Your helm will be silly.
  • FPS Style Day – See the game as an FPS and first person shoot everyone and everything including rocks and plants.
  • Rock Hard Body Day – You cannot walk through anyone today and everyone be bumpin’.
  • Why Do You Hate Me Day – You are hostile with ALL factions.
  • Healers Day Off – Healers can only heal themselves and each other, every one else has to vigorously bandage themselves to not die.
  • Cacti Day – There are a shitload of cacti everywhere and you have to make sure to avoid them or else you’ll get scratched.
  • Casino Day – Blizz turns a blind eye while we all use addons that may or may not exist to gamble money away.
  • Field Trip Day – Each faction visits the opposing faction’s major cities without incident – as long as they don’t touch anything.
  • Naturalist Day – No helm, no cloak, no problem. We all nekkid.




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