Lagging Balls Episode 111: Air Quotes!

Lagging Balls Episode 111 Original Art by Thyst

Lagging Balls Episode 111: Air Quotes!


A community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 111 of the Lagging Balls podcast hosted by Thorn and Thyst this week: “Air Quotes!” This week we clomp our hands at the mic repeatedly and call it a podcast!

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This week we cover:

The Most Important News ❤
Ninny Notions & What Platinum Looks Like
Streaming, Prestiging, and All The Buttons
Our New Discord Server!
2,000 Twitter Followers

World of Warcraft

WoW Tokens Worth More than Venezuelan Currency
Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl
Gravity Lapse PvP Brawl
Mythic Dungeon Invitational Proving Grounds
Live Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas August 3 ❤ –


Dev Update: Summer Games Are Back!
Overwatch at the LA Shorts International Film Festival –
Doomfist is Live


Ben Brode’s New Rap: Arthas –
The Dr. Dre Remix –

Heroes of the Storm

Garrosh First Impressions
Garrosh Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm –
In Development: Garrosh, Skins, Mounts, and more –

Current Question of the Week:
As a gamer, what is your greatest struggle?

Next Question of the Week:
What is the BEST thing about being a Gamer?

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