Lagging Balls Episode 109: Villain-illa!




A community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 109 of the Lagging Balls podcast hosted by Thorn and Thyst this week: “Villain-illa!” This week we get down like Duane!

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This week we cover:

Wrestle with Thyst prepare for fist!
Anybody Can Meme
Blood DKs and You
Thyst on Convert to Raid Battlenet News Ep 44 –
Going Deep (Six)
Crossing the Stream with @Shieldwalled of The Starting Zone
Getting Demonic Inquisition’s Name Wrong Many Much
LB Buttons!


Appear Offline? Meh. 

World of Warcraft

The Mythic Dungeon Invitational –
WTBGold’s Reckles is Recruiting a Mythic Dungeon Team –
Congrats to Method on World First Nerd Screams –
Lance Kimberlin’s Coffee Notes –


New Hero Preview: Doomfist –


Ice Cream Citadel –
Ben Brode Reddit AMA –
Will Ben Do Another Rap?

Heroes of the Storm

Thorn Raves About “Stukov’s Lurking Arm”

Current Question of the Week:
There are two types of people who play Blizzard games. Who are they?

Next Question of the Week:
Playing ______ makes me feel _______ in my ______! (Fill in the blank)

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