Lagging Balls Episode 100: 24 Hour Live Stream!


Hey Ballers!

A few things:

The audio is terrible in this episode and for that we apologize. It was our first real attempt at live streaming our podcast and obviously we still have a lot to learn. We’d love it if you’d watch the stream instead, because we think the visuals and the chat room make up for the lack of audio quality.

That being said, we feel like we’ve triumphed in every other way with this episode. We successfully made it 24 hours. We had over 25 guests. No less than 30 people in the chat room at all times. And managed to raise $652.00 for the ASPCA!

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts and bottoms for all the love and support that was so genuinely evident during the event.

Here’s to another 100 episodes, and please expect our next episode to be up to our usual standard of audio clarity.


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WTBGold Channel


World of Warcraft

Hot and Sexy 7.2 Q&A
Volunteer Guard Day!


DVA Down??

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes 2.0!

Necromancer Live Stream!

Last Question of the Week
What would you love to see Lagging Balls do on camera? (WITHIN REASON, PEOPLE)

Next Question of the Week:
Which two WoW classes would you make into a Hybrid?


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