Blizzard Positivity

Hiya Ballers, Thyst here.

Ever since the server that shall not be named was taken down a few days ago, Blizzard’s Facebook page has been plagued with “over enthusiastic” Nos players trying to get their message across. Fair enough! I understand feelings. Sometimes feelings make you want to say things on the internet. I get it. But some of these guys just took it too far – like, being mean and threatening. This hurt me on a personal level, being a Blizzard Fangirl FO LIFE and all, so I decided to post some positive little messages with the hashtag “BlizzardPositivity” and just tell Blizz how excited I was about Legion and Blizzcon and everything!

Partly because I’m Canadian and politeness comes naturally, partly because I’ve been around a few years and seen the fruitlessness of flame wars,  I just didn’t want to get into it with anyone, despite how their comments made me feel. So I ignored all the direct comments on my happy little Blizzard posts and went on with my day.

Today I received two messages in the “I DON’T KNO U” folder on Facebook from two lovely gentlemen who decided my harmless posts surely could not have come from the heart and that I must have been paid to do it. The first one is the second one I’ve received this afternoon (hopefully the last, as well…) who has yet to respond.


Wow. So accuse. Such angry.

The first guy, however, was immediately diffused by my polite as fuckness and we actually had a constructive conversation (keeping in mind I have no idea who this guy is).


Not so bad, eh? As lame as it sounds in general, the whole positivity thing DOES WORK. The evidence is right here! Blizzard is taking the high road with this whole kerfuffle and we can too.


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