Lagging Balls Episode 20: Globule!

Lagging Balls Episode 20 artwork by Thyst

Lagging Balls Episode 20: Globule!

A community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 20 of the Lagging Balls podcast, hosted by Thorn & Thyst: “Globule!”

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On this episode we cover:
Jogging, Journals, and Jackassery
Special Thanks
A Peek Behind the Curtain
Parents Just Don’t Understand
Thorn’s Hellfire Nerf Rant
Gorefiend’s Dinky Little Legs
The Fire in Your Pee Hole
Rocktober in WoW
Leveling Like Whoa
How to Play (on the correct side)
Brawl with the Shoes
Test Scales
The Only Diablo III News You Need to Know
A Modest Proposal (denied)
The New Guy

Shout Outs:
spankyhunter ‏
Krames ‏
St Elsewhere

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