Lagging Balls Podcast Episode 12: Meow!

Lagging Balls Orig Artwork by Thyst

Lagging Balls Podcast Episode 12: Meow!

A community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 12 of the Lagging Balls podcast, hosted by Thorn & Thyst: “Meow!”

Feedback, comments, & submissions:

On this episode we cover:

New Expansion Announcement: Legion
From Warlords to Legionnaires
Islands that are Not Whole
Crookshanks, Herald of the New Expansion
The Best-Smelling Town in Germany
Ashbringer, Legendary Bringer of Dat Ass
Double Jumping Demon Hunters!
Illidevs Talk
New Nexus Heroes
New Nexus Map
New Nexus Rankings
The Gallywix Pleasure Palace

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