Episode 2: Creme Egg

Lagging Balls Creme Egg

On this episode we cover:

  • Our first listener question
  • Reasons we didn’t raid Mythic
  • Flying in Draenor
  • Highlights from the 6.2 patch notes
  • Thyst’s report on Heroes of the Storm
  • “Exclusive” breaking “news” about additions to patch 6.2!

We’re back biznatches! And here you thought we’d be one and done. That we were washouts. That we were ne’er-do-wells. Well that all may be true, but we still managed to bust a sweet-ass second episode. Get some!

iTunes (for iPhone):  http://apple.co/1HIw3fK

Stitcher (for Android, Microsoft):  Search “Lagging Balls” in your Stitcher App

Soundcloud (for streaming online):


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